Constructive Routines

Constructive Routines:

When we develop and follow routines it can help bring some stability to our life and reduce stress. What is meant by routine? Wikipedia defines it as:
… a sequence of actions regularly followed…
It is a practice, pattern, programme, schedule, plan or custom, performed on a regular basis rather than for a special reason.

It takes a determined mindset to establish and maintain a routine until it becomes habit. When it is a habit the benefits can be enjoyed without so much effort. Let's face it, it does takes effort to overcome varying motivation. Sometimes we can feel pressured by competing tasks demanding our action, or we are unwell, a little down or simply fatigued; these factors can throw our routine out. Have heart, just humbly start over.

If you have experienced some benefit from your 'wellbeing routine' you can strengthen the commitment with greater insight. For example, it helps to ask yourself "what mindset hinders or helps performing this positive habit" ? "Are there other unhelpful habits that get in the way?" "Do I encourage myself or thank myself for my efforts (successful or otherwise)?" The answers to these questions may vary over time, so be curious and see what works for you. I think many, if not most of us struggle with this; so be kind, be patient and move gently past the seduction of established, unhelpful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.