How Telehealth Works

Telehealth provides greater service access and flexibility

​We are transitioning from consulting rooms to provide evidence based psychology treatment from the privacy of your home or workplace and even while travelling interstate.  Telehealth has had such a positive response from clients during the COVID-19 period that increasingly, people are embracing the convenience and flexibility it allows.  It will be much easier to get an appointment using telehealth than ‘in person’ sessions.  Our practice is now using a video Telehealth platform called Coviu which is super simple to use!

What do I need to join a video consultation?

Prior to your first appointment you will be emailed a practice information page and a telehealth consent form to complete and return.  On the day of your appointment a telehealth link will be sent to you.

Telehealth sessions are browser based, so you don’t need to install any special software or an app.  It runs off a Google Chrome or Safari browser – on desktops, laptops, Mac computers, android phones and tablets or Safari on an iPhone or iPad.

How will I connect in?

When the time comes for your appointment, we will simply meet via a Web link that we provide to you which could be by email or SMS. Just click on the link at the time of your consultation and Coviu will open in your Web browser. You can then identify yourself and wait in a Waiting Room for your psychologist to join you.

What about my internet connection?

It is recommended that you have a good internet connection for your call. Being connected to your home WI-FI or a good 4G/5G connection is great. Don’t forget that other activities like TV streaming services and online computer games can impact your internet connection so limit those during your consultation.

Also make sure your microphone and camera are working. You can test your hardware and software setup by clicking here

In the event of any difficulty with the connection, please have your mobile phone nearby so we can contact you.

What are some tips for the best experience?

Your video consultation experience will be best if we:

  • ensure that we have a private, quiet, dedicated place for our meeting and a comfortable chair.
  • have all that we need at our fingertips, for example; notes, books, pad, pen and a drink.
  • remove distractions; ensure that the TV, radio, or other computer applications are turned off.
  • have had a few minutes to prepare ourselves before the meeting, so that we are relaxed and focused, not rushed with scattered thoughts.
  • consider this a normal appointment, the same as if visiting a G.P, Dentist or other healthcare professional in their office. We wouldn’t wear our pajamas to an appointment (though we might like to), so let’s keep the space professional.

Is it safe and is my data secure?

Finally, please note that Coviu is a safe and secure environment. It was designed for use by CSIRO.  None of the data that is exchanged in a Coviu call is saved anywhere unless you consent to it. All of the call, including audio, video and data, is encrypted between you and your psychologist, so nobody can listen into the call.

How do I pay?

​You are required to pay your fees on the day of your appointment.  You will be emailed an invoice that provides details for direct electronic transfer of funds.  We are looking into the option of payment before you start your counselling session, which will be adopted at a future date.   If you have a Mental Healthcare Plan, your Medicare rebate will be paid directly into the account you nominated, upon receipt of payment.